joi, 27 noiembrie 2008

Blog's name & Elections

This shitty name - the blog's - is because I have been living for few weeks already in a town close to Bucharest named Volunteers(VOLUNTARI). You may have no idea about it but in the area there are a lot of gypsies and "manelisti" and their women are "princesses". Now that I'm there I can consider myself one of them --- NOOOT (just an inside joke with my colleagues from Intrsft). I intend to write an entire story about this "beautiful" city.

Ask me not how I got to live in this communist village (it looks no more than that). Life just throws you where ever and it might happen that you don't feel like doing anything about it (just go with the flow, as they say) and here I am. I'll wait to grow older to do what I should have done 3-5 years ago, this way it gets more interesting, your actions seem crazier the older you are.

One more thing I would add is about Sunday's Uni Nominal (parliamentary elections) which I have no clue of. One can call me ignorant, uniformed, irresponsible but I just can't follow the
events, rules and especially the candidates that are in a great number and as uninteresting as one can imagine. It makes me sick trying to understand any of this, I do have the belief that not many things can be changed, not by me, not by a vote. People in those positions feel no quilt, have no principle and it's only vaquely that they understand they represent the interests of the many, of the regular people, people who put their trust and faith in them. If only they realised that, only then would I feel obliged to vote!!! Right now, no offense, I have no real option, in consequence, I have no real right, nor freedom.


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