vineri, 26 martie 2010


Dentro del corazon
Sin pudor, sin razon
Con el fuego de la pasion

I totally envy these people, that dance, they look good, passionate, in love and yes, I am sure they spend great nights :)! Maybe I'll give it a try with some dancing lessons, but it needs time and mood and practise and passion....

marți, 23 martie 2010

Lies I

Now I remember. He(she??) entered the classroom very decided and suddenly realizes he's in the wrong room.
"Where is George?" ("George nu mai vine") He got inspired to ask about George, his neighbour who was not in the classroom at that moment.
Hardly had he left that I started screming: "What's that, who's he, she? Is he new in our school???" Never had I seen bluer eyes and longer blond hair, one could swear he was a girl. Honestly I never got (before and after this point) the feeling that there's no other person more beautiful in the world.

And we started dating or whatever one could say about sixth grade.
Meeting during the breaks on the coridor and walking home with him (he lived in the other side of the city, poor him) went great until his french teacher decided boys shouldn't wear long hair.
"Will you still like me after I'll have my hair cut?" he kept on asking, he was really upset.
"Of course, of course!" I was lying, I knew I was lying and not a moment I thought of doing otherwise.

And again I find myself returning from school alone with the rest ten classmates that lived in the same area and speding my breaks running and screaming on the coridor and playing football.

And he's hair got longer again and no french teacher forced him to cut it anymore and he got very handsome, but less blond :), which suits him better at this age.

And princess is still ugly but she doesn't lie that easy anymore.

luni, 22 martie 2010

Princess has big plans

Come on princess, cheer up, tomorrow you'll wake up early, you'll clean the balcony (I am sure there are some dead animals in those bags full of stinky vegetables), afterwards you'll run free as a bird or ride the bike imagining you're Henry the IIIrd (do you know this guy? me neither) galoping his infinite domain...

When coming back you'll have the warm shower that will take away your stupid tent: you know you look like a gipsy, everyone told you that you look like a peruan, translation = gipsy :)). This is not bad if only it was the end of the summeeeer, nooot winteeer.

And then you'll get to work full of energy and hapiest than ever. Cut the bulls#it, princess, why would you be happy?

Aaaaanyway, is anyone betting on princess that she's gonna clean the balcony tomorrow, or at least run, bike, swim, drawn, something... I bet she's gonna sleep 'till late, "f.cnking" and swering she'll gets no time to eat, no time to try on five different outfits (this never happens thou).

Queen of hearts bets 5 bucks on princess that she'll do it! Do what?!?! Everything!

Good luck, princess! Go, princess, go.. to sleep!

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

This quote is from Stefania's bolg, who found some more quotes on another site and which are actually Coco Chanels' words.

That's no add for Stef, is just that I feel it:
“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

sâmbătă, 20 martie 2010

Why write?

I postpone again the long detailed description of my holiday... I am already pretty sure that it will never happen.

I don't feel like writing about that but I feel like reading something I should have written and I didn't, why didn't I .... I WANT TO READ IT.

Probably somewhere in the future I would feel the same about not writing about the holiday, but I doubt it would be as bad.

1. Do not have expectations!
2. Do not make assumptions!

luni, 15 martie 2010


I wanted to write about my 28th day of holiday(in order to continue with the 27th...12th...2nd,1st,0, -1, -2...). But I've changed my mind as I found something interesting(to me, at least).

In Peru I ate some incredible tasty pop-corn, which was actually roasted corn seeds, that wouldn't pop up. I brought some with me from the stores but it doesn't compare with what we had in restaurants or home made.

And what did princess think, why don't we bring them over? It's tasty... my grandmother can cultivate some of these as well, near the few ha she has already. Let's just see if it's legal.

1. Some varieties they have belong to that kind of particular climate,soil, unique in the world

2. It is actully forbidden to take seeds in and out the country, especially take them to Peru Explanation: you cultivate them and the polination can turn the local ones into hibrid;

3. The country where the oldest seed of corn was found, Mexic, is threaten by monocrop and by altering the original mais because some genetic modified corn, that was introduced in the country by a company, either was specifically planted by farmers (though illegal, that plant is more resistant), either the pollen was taken by the wind;

4. Peru refused to let that kind of modified corn to be cultivated and, although people could have had short term advantage on lower costs, they preffered to protect the diversity and their independency(the company has a stipulation that they are not allowed to replant and sell it the next year unless they pay/renew the contract... that kind of stuff) - there were the locals in Cusco region that faught the most. - RESPECT!

You might find it boring, but I find it encouraging that a poor country as Peru found the power to say no to "progress" and "efficienty", it's true that some of them might understand that they live of the original traditions and even if there was no turism they could still live their way, kind of like win-win situation, as long as they keep away from the companies.

This is roasted mais, the seeds are regular, but the picture is taken too close. We ate this at a traditional "restaurant"(all of them were traditional, the ones called traditional were a bit more expensive), after tasting 20 types of wine(we visited a winery).

marți, 9 martie 2010

Few pictures

Thermal bath of 39 celsius degress at 3800m something, watching the mountains, having a cocktail...

One of the Nazca drawings....humming-bird.

Ballestas islands.

El papagallo.

Sand boarding.

Dacia in Lima!

luni, 8 martie 2010


Of course, the food we triedÑ lama and alpaca and guinee pig (beac:() and some cereals of theirs and fruit juice several times per day and tamale(which looked like sarmale to me but they were filled with lama meat and instead of cabbage there was corn leaves).

A 6 hours trip from Potosi to Sucre by train which was actually a bus and had maximum 40 km/h and would stop for anyone but the view was great!

Taking a bath in a thermo natural lake at 4000m and see mountains and hills all around and ducks and the water was better than any jacuzzi I've ever tried.

Watching the stars in Copacabana and having a view of the Titikaka lake from their cemetery.

The highest point we got was 5000m was by car, but I wouldn't imagine myself hiking - maybe a bit trekking.

Playing cards: wist, rent and playing YAHTZEE: with dice - these irish guys made us a wedding gift : five dice for yatzi.

Salty lake, lagoons, ostriches, flamingos, death puma in a village...

Hoping that we're not gonna loose the pictures(that would be the worst of them all) I have plenty of work bloggin them.
I'll come back with what I remember.

sâmbătă, 6 martie 2010


Not much and the holiday is over, but one never knows what can might occur in the last minutes.

There were so many things that I am pretty sure that thousands of them will stay barried in the back of my memory and only very seldom in certain siutuation I´ll remember them.

Since we left home and got the apartment fluded because snow melting, we thought that was the most agitated day of our holiday. As you are probably guessing-that was not the case. Princess had a harder time than that.

Once we landed in Lima and paid 30$ for the taxi to the hotel we got lucky with the owner helping us organize the tours in Peru. I am sure it was way more expensive than just being on our own, but we didn't feel like haging around without knowing what to do. Here we got sun burned really bad. But besides it was cool to fnd out it never rains in Lima. (I had to make to here to know that).

I am definetly not going to describe all the details now, my only intention for the moment is to enumerate some main experiences and come back later on them, with pictures and what it takes.

The Ballestas Islands were nice and stinky and taking the boat felt like in a carussel. Sea lions and pinguins and birds of different kinds everywhere. The candelabre in the sand.

Sand boarding was intersting, and the buggy tour in the desert, especially that we found out they cap-size fr5om time to time. Sunset in the desert and the winery tour after which I got dizzy and happy.

One of the thingds about these countries (Peru and Bolivia) is that people don't paint the houses on the outside, entire cities and vilages look like their not finished.

At Nazca lines, after the plane trip over them, we shared a room with some swedish guys for kipping our luggage until we leave, but while we and them were away someone stole whole their money. And we felt rather guilty because there was a note for us in the door, that they left for lunch.

Seeing condors at the colca canyon and having hot springs in the rain was cool. prince and princess had altitude sickness, but they eventualy got over it.

Arequipa was nice I guess, I felt to tired and bad to enjoy, and the fact that the bolivian consulate didn;t exist anymore because the consul died and they didn't replaced him did not help(we wanted visas for Bolivia).
In Puno, at Titikaka lake we took this tour and the guide made all kind of "funny" jokes like: the lake titikaka is at the highest altitude of it's kind in the world , but in South America there is another one higher in Venezuela. He would keep repeating that in English and Spanish and laugh in both languages.

Floating islands and Quechua people and Aymara people - which only make sense to me now.

And the real adventure only starts in Bolivia. BTW the flag from Arequipa consulate as brought to Puno, and they overwritten on it :P.
We wanted to meet some friends in south Bolivia, after a 16 hours tour from La Paz, but the trip only took 31 hours in the end and the second bus had a flat tire, it stuck in the mud, almost falling aside, the driver did not care about a lady beig left behind at one af the 15 minuters stops(her luggage was still in the bus), the bolivian music was loud.

Finnally we got there and that day was a fine one, starting the 4 days tour everyting turned even more diabolic. We slept overnight in some rooms with no furniture nor anything else bus 5 stone beds and a leaking roof and cold and hell, next day one of the cars broke and we had to enjoy that room for another half a day as it was strongly raining. we left but the sweepers didn't work and I have no clue how the driver, Manuel, found he's was(sometime he would get he's head out of the window driving like this) as I couldn't see anyhing, on one side there was abrupt mountain , on the other a deep valley, and the car, 4X4 though it was slipping. The next day we had an accident in the funcking middle of the desert with another car, where you can barely meet any car ... hmmm, but there it was, we met it.

the Salty Lakes were fluded and a lot of things to see were hidden in clouds - we did see most of them in the end, but by the end of the trip Bogdan had his cell phone stolen (or he had just lost it). All this time there was not signmal for the phone anyway :).

In Potosi, the miner's town, it was cold like hell again. When getting to Sucre, not only we find out about the strike and being stuck , but also our flight from Madrid to Bucharest was cancelled.

Finally we are on the way to La Paz, Copacabana, a 19 hours trip by bus, and there's this lunatic guy, singin all the time and fixing us with his eyes, screaming we need passports because we're in his countru and he's in love and school is more important than work and he'll kill the president.

In Copacabana is rather cold and no sun bathing for me still, only the face and arms as a true farmer.

There are way to many missing things, like this guy shaving himself on the street, in Lima....

marți, 2 martie 2010

Stuck in Bolivia

Sooo, the plan was not to post things on blog until I get home, view the pictures and rebuild the puzzle with all the memories.

But since not all runs as planned I'll just post some now.
I am STUCK in SUCRE, Bolivia. They have a strike, the drivers have a strike, the goverment decided to take the driver licence for good if they find you drunk and they guys don't agree(I don't either). As a consequence all roads are blocked until Saturday. We should have been in Copacabana, near Titikaka lake, by that time, having massages and enjoying our last days of holiday. But here might be fun as well. We didn't get to drink, party, dance, smoke anything this holiday so we'll just do it now.

Before finding out this news we were planning to do the paragliding, hiking, horsebackriding tour, but it involves coming back by car and IT IS BLOCKED, EVERYTHING IS BLOCKED.

Today we came from Potosi to Sucre by train, a 6 hours trip in the most beautiful countryside wild landscape I have seen until now. Can you imagine the sheeps not getting out of our way and the maximum speed we reached was 45-47km/h :)?
I'll post the pictures sometime, hoping they will be elevant.

But we survived all the nice things , all the bad things until now, we'll survive this strike :). Otherwise we'll just get later at the office - I wonder if I will ever be stressed at the office again. I know I prefer it to the poverty here.