luni, 31 august 2009

Live from Vama Veche

I found something I wrote two weeks ago while at the sea side at Vama Veche after 5 hours trip by car, 4 beers and few hours of dancing. If you understand anything GOOD FOr YOU! I could barely remember what was going on in my mind that made me write those things (such a luck with this technology - I used my bf's mobile phone).

What do princesses do lately? They pi in the back of the club, on the beach.
6orgive me to be that superficial but I think michael jackson is as valuable as eminescu- or the other way around.
What else - I am mature enough to know that group sex is good only in fantasies.thou I would like it as in my dreams.
I love sea side , feel lucky to live here and now, have the friends I have, work where I work... Nothing I usually complain about is real.
Life is incredibly beautiful - someone remind me when I feel like suicide

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