marți, 15 iunie 2010

The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

One can either talk for days about this or say nothing. I'll stick to saying almost nothing.

Let's take ME (modest me) as example. My husband always sees me pretty, close to beautiful, my mother will always see me too skinny, my brother doesn't give a damn, my male friends and colleagues probably see me a sportive type, unless my breast are bursting out some improper clothes, the girls around will always be picky concerning colours, length, material, context, shoes, hills, jewelery, make-up, hair cut etc.

Of course my beliefs have partially other background nature, but I'm not going to share them now. Is there a conclusion? YES - one will get to "balamuc" (madhouse) if he tries to follow too many advices and satisfy too many tastes.

Moreover let the Fashion Advisers do their jobs, a good job hopefully - if only I did mine the way I should.

But fooling around with materials and make-ups and colours etc should never stop - since we're going to make fools of ourselves at least to do it with some imagination.

2 comentarii:

mic spunea...

This is the best picture you have?

Volunteer's Princess spunea...

Of myself? I have some more... and true, this is not even close to the best pictures I have :)