miercuri, 3 octombrie 2012

How come I spend time in from of the computer even when I am back home, although in theory I don't enjoy that much wasting my life this way. I 'm not talking about the days when I work until late in the evening or actually do something really useful.

There are those tens and hundreds, maybe thousands of minutes per month when I just check fb or read stupid articles, not more than 10% make a difference in the end and even thou I mostly forget.

You would probably tell me that I should filter and choose more carefully the sites, the articles. I most certainly should, but I just get dragged by images. Pictures, I like pictures with people, with animals, fantasy pictures, sad, happy images, and especially photos and painting, but photos, old photos, everyday life photos, tons of them. I never had a claimed passion for photography neither taking nor admiring others work more than a passive viewer. But as a passive one man I like watching photos, among the first things I do when entering a new house I ask if I'm allowed to go through family albums.

I was not aware, but again tonight as many other times I found myself analyzing those from bostonpictures. I barely ever have the patience to read the description, what I usually do is to make up a scenario then compare it with the provided description to see how close I were. BANG most of the times, the description is so brief, it contains none of the details I though of so I win :).

         PS And I love pictures with FOOD - DESIRABLE GOOD LOOKING FOOD! Just like this breakfast from last year.

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