vineri, 28 septembrie 2012

Movies to Kill One's Pain While Sick

While at home I couldn't do much - I just felt dizzy from the pain and the pills and often happend to stare at a book
for an hour then put it back on the shelf, taking another one that had the same destiny. The outcome being that I didn't read more
than 20 sentences from 4 different books.
But I was able to see some movies. One can stare at a movie, even without being able to follow the details.
Some things still make sense like: hey I've seen this character 10 minutes ago too - it has to be something about it :).

So what did I watch:
  • Snow White and the Huntsman - did I like it? I don't know, I liked the Step Mother

  • Some episodes of Suits - do I recommend it? I don't know, one can see few episodes to make an idea,
    I don't think it does make one addictive comparing to other series I've started seeing.

  • Islam - What the West Needs to Know - I do recommend this one, I'm not going to comment as it way above
    my powers for the moment, but I will say that it shaked us both me and my better half.
    You can find it fully on you tube

  • Aaaand last but not least Moonrise Kingdom - with 9.4 on rottentomatoes and 8.2 on imdb - I couldn't understand why,
    maybe I was in the dizzy phase, but the song I like and me sure you like 2. ENJOY!


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