luni, 22 martie 2010

Princess has big plans

Come on princess, cheer up, tomorrow you'll wake up early, you'll clean the balcony (I am sure there are some dead animals in those bags full of stinky vegetables), afterwards you'll run free as a bird or ride the bike imagining you're Henry the IIIrd (do you know this guy? me neither) galoping his infinite domain...

When coming back you'll have the warm shower that will take away your stupid tent: you know you look like a gipsy, everyone told you that you look like a peruan, translation = gipsy :)). This is not bad if only it was the end of the summeeeer, nooot winteeer.

And then you'll get to work full of energy and hapiest than ever. Cut the bulls#it, princess, why would you be happy?

Aaaaanyway, is anyone betting on princess that she's gonna clean the balcony tomorrow, or at least run, bike, swim, drawn, something... I bet she's gonna sleep 'till late, "f.cnking" and swering she'll gets no time to eat, no time to try on five different outfits (this never happens thou).

Queen of hearts bets 5 bucks on princess that she'll do it! Do what?!?! Everything!

Good luck, princess! Go, princess, go.. to sleep!

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Eufio spunea...

it's funny how this song speaks to everyone, @ some stage in their life...hope you "get what you need", princess