marți, 23 martie 2010

Lies I

Now I remember. He(she??) entered the classroom very decided and suddenly realizes he's in the wrong room.
"Where is George?" ("George nu mai vine") He got inspired to ask about George, his neighbour who was not in the classroom at that moment.
Hardly had he left that I started screming: "What's that, who's he, she? Is he new in our school???" Never had I seen bluer eyes and longer blond hair, one could swear he was a girl. Honestly I never got (before and after this point) the feeling that there's no other person more beautiful in the world.

And we started dating or whatever one could say about sixth grade.
Meeting during the breaks on the coridor and walking home with him (he lived in the other side of the city, poor him) went great until his french teacher decided boys shouldn't wear long hair.
"Will you still like me after I'll have my hair cut?" he kept on asking, he was really upset.
"Of course, of course!" I was lying, I knew I was lying and not a moment I thought of doing otherwise.

And again I find myself returning from school alone with the rest ten classmates that lived in the same area and speding my breaks running and screaming on the coridor and playing football.

And he's hair got longer again and no french teacher forced him to cut it anymore and he got very handsome, but less blond :), which suits him better at this age.

And princess is still ugly but she doesn't lie that easy anymore.

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