marți, 2 martie 2010

Stuck in Bolivia

Sooo, the plan was not to post things on blog until I get home, view the pictures and rebuild the puzzle with all the memories.

But since not all runs as planned I'll just post some now.
I am STUCK in SUCRE, Bolivia. They have a strike, the drivers have a strike, the goverment decided to take the driver licence for good if they find you drunk and they guys don't agree(I don't either). As a consequence all roads are blocked until Saturday. We should have been in Copacabana, near Titikaka lake, by that time, having massages and enjoying our last days of holiday. But here might be fun as well. We didn't get to drink, party, dance, smoke anything this holiday so we'll just do it now.

Before finding out this news we were planning to do the paragliding, hiking, horsebackriding tour, but it involves coming back by car and IT IS BLOCKED, EVERYTHING IS BLOCKED.

Today we came from Potosi to Sucre by train, a 6 hours trip in the most beautiful countryside wild landscape I have seen until now. Can you imagine the sheeps not getting out of our way and the maximum speed we reached was 45-47km/h :)?
I'll post the pictures sometime, hoping they will be elevant.

But we survived all the nice things , all the bad things until now, we'll survive this strike :). Otherwise we'll just get later at the office - I wonder if I will ever be stressed at the office again. I know I prefer it to the poverty here.

3 comentarii:

mic spunea...

Cu siguranta nu veti uita luna de miere.
Va astept acasa cu drag si dor si bineinteles cu pozele sa vad si eu lacul titikaka :).
Sa va bucurati de zilele ramase si sa aveti parte doar de lucruri bune.
Drum bun in continuare.

Stefanela spunea...

WOW, Cate aventuri, si toate in luna de miere!! probabil ca ar fi fost supe rfain sa vedeti si lacul Titikaka, pacat ca e greva tocmai acum! abia astept sa vad pozele. Apropo, la intoarcere mai treceti prin Madrid? cand? eu mai am o saptamana de lucru la scoala, apoi vin in tara si de pe 1 aprilie ma reintorc pe platforma...
Va pup!
cu drag,

Volunteer's Princess spunea...

Hei , am vazut deja lacul Titikaka, dinspre Peru, acum 2 saptamani. Acum trebuia doar sa stam pe partea dinspre Bolivia, sa sa bem cocktailuri si sa admiram peisajul, poate sa facem si plaja.
Va pup!