joi, 27 septembrie 2012

Surgical Intervention

Since I have no inspiration what so ever, I'll just share the personal experience.
Two days ago I had my first Surgical Intervention ever. It was a dental one, a bone
augmentation. I was missing two teeth for more than 18 years now and the bone in that
area withdrew. This procedure is for a future dental implant.

I have no clue if it was a difficult operation, I guess it was - it lasted more than 1,5 hours. What I
know is that my doctor told me it happend pretty often that the intervention is
not successful, I felt like fainting couple of times during the surgery, I
didn't like the girl who assisted my doctor, I can't eat, I can't talk, it hearts
when I swallow, it hearts when I spit, today should be the worse day of
them all, then it get's better, my jaw grew huge. I will only find out in couple
of weeks if it's ok or not. If it's ok I have to wait for almost a year to
be able to start the dental implant (which will last 6 months), if it's not
ok, I wait for all this to heal and I start it all over again.

There have to be positive things otherwise I wouldn't have done it. Of course this is a
long term investment. In couple of years I should have better teeth and avoid the
consequences of missing some(although it didn't bother me at all the long term effects
existed)... that's the target. I trust my doctor, during the surgery I though he left
me with the other colleague of his and I panic a little, I opened my eyes and he was
there, every time I felt his body against my head I would get confortable and the
fainting feeling would disappear for a while.

I can only hope this will work out cause I am pretty sure I won't give it another try!

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