luni, 17 septembrie 2012

Targoviste City Break

It happens quite a lot to think that I would love to get out of Bucharest, without paying too much, without driving too far. After all these years I found a reasonable solution: Targoviste.
  • a nice quiet town
  • 80 km from Bucharest
  • there's Targoviste's Fortress and Chindia Tower
  • a pretty stylish cathedral in the Center of the Town
  • Dealu Monastery a restful place with plenty of roses, a picturesque view from the top of the hill to the town
  • the old city center which makes feel as being in Prague
  • people there seem terribly nice
Another great thing was that we paid 55 Lei for a meal at a restaurant in the old center. It was a very tasty meal and I couldn't finish what I ordered. Very good accommodation in the center can be found at 120 Lei per night. We didn't check if there's any cheaper than that, I believe it is.

Our experience was improved by our scope there. We were there to a wedding where I learnt four different types of traditional romanian dancing. People danced other two that I knew already and another one that was way too difficult.
We were lazy and unprepared so we didn't take any pictures, hence you have the honor of searching yourself, or even better make a city break to Targoviste!

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Stefanela spunea...

I should go to Targoviste too, sounds exciting!