luni, 15 decembrie 2008

Breake a Leg

I was suppose to study as I have an exam tomorrow, but I couldn't help myself not sharing this. A work mate remind me of the stupid superstitions people have. It's usually available for students, if you tell them "Good luck with your exam", their answer is invariant "So be it!(Sa fie)". So, in order to pass your exam, you have to say this, no thanks, no "That would be cool" etc.. I have always passed my exams (we ain't talking about this particular year, all right?), without saying this, but I was just very lucky... Anyway, that's the most harmless superstition of all. You can choose, it actually depends on you, and it costs you nothing to give this stupid answer everytime. But when I forget things and I need to go back to the house to take them, my mother, she's like "Now you turn back from your way, that's no good sign, spit three times on the floor and jump back three step". - I ain't spitting on no f..cking floor. I actually try to believe that it is a good thing I remebered in time. That does not work a bit, I feel awful quilty and miserable every single time.

Top of the list is the CAT. Poor cat, that crosses the street, it's so much more confused that I. Probably chasing some birds, or worse, being chased. I DON'T care, it must not cross in front of me, it brings me bad luck, the worse ever, everything that happens that day it's because of the stupid animal, not because of stupid me. My main concern is if it matters if you see it crossing or not, I mean there are plenty of cats crossing the streets everyday, and one intersects their path, it's like it has just passed before you... Well, I definetly agree it still affects you, no wonder most of your days suck and stink like shit.

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