luni, 15 decembrie 2008

The true princess in me - the wand

Someone should change the story with the princess and the bean and call it "The princess and the toilet brush". A true princess would care for every little detail. I went two days ago with my bf to the supermarket and I was going to buy a toilet brush (it took me some time to decide because I more the sure that the other persons that live in the same room with me, and they know themselves, would use it and not clean). I get to the shelf with few "models" of brushes, it was a top one, that I could barely reach, so I call my bf to take it for me. He gets one and kind of leaves. Man, where do you thikn you're going? I don't want that one. Do you think is nicer with black and blue or black and white and green. He daaaared to say what he thought,that it was just a brush, that I didn't even want to let it somewhere so that people could see it... I wanted the blue one, no, the green one, no, the blue one, maybe the yellow???!?! No, no, the blue. And blue it was.

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