vineri, 6 februarie 2009

Center of the Universe

Now why would one act as if the world spins around him/her as if he's the center of the it. And the most natural answer: Because he is. He is the origin for any system, whatever he knows, he does, he learns is related to him. When he tries to see another person's point of view, to objective analyze things, all he really does is to translate the origin to another point. This is rather complicated, if it's about a more complex figure to translate, so I guess this is why most of the people are selfish and egocentric. Another reason than not being able to "calculate" reporting to other systems, might be that for a long time one did not need to make any effort towards it as all(most of) the rest would change their focus on him (take the mother - child example, I love parents that suffocate and restrain their kids).

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