luni, 9 februarie 2009

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Yet another weekend passed, way too fast and no event or action can make me get rid of the feeling that the time isn't on my side. There's an endless discussion on it, let's not make it longer (from aleph-null to cardinality of the continuum :) .
I guess it is expected to resume my experience I was talking in the previous post. I went to this club (for me it was the first time to go in Romania). The music was great, much better than what I had the chance to hear during the last attempts to party --- here I need help from others to describe it (you can have a sample though).

Being there I certainly had the impression that was not my world (anymore). I couldn't help thinking that those people (and I mainly have in mind the girls - good looking, I admit) were rather young and wasted than sexy and attractive. I found them incredibly superficial and I hoped, deep down inside, that they would get that wise layer that older people get it by default. Confusing... Maybe it was one of the first situations when I understood, how one can go against something just because he can't fit in.

I don't want to say much, I barely want to transmit anything. This has the purpose to remind me later how I felt. The older I get, the narrower the boundaries of my imagination become, the less I am ready to open my mind and my heart and eventually ............

I was also mentioning a photo session, check some out here:

and the ones I liked the most:

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