vineri, 20 februarie 2009

A day at the office

I failed on the first post of this blog, which was about a day at the office. I couldn't live with it and I try to make it up. I consider to express myself through poetry (sometimes).

Life at the office

The entire day plays for an unknown cause, it vanishes away,
Seconds are trickling out of ours lives,
But we're happy that the time's up and "It's Friday!"

Right here and right now we're having this burning elevated discussion
And the very next moment we get really vulgar
Embracing each dirty joke with such passion.

We have the impression that each one's unique and special, that I see,
With his own dreams, attitude and personal life
But we all understand when it's said "Write in C!".

The main leaders, can barely be seen, but I guess that's the trend
Concerning the rest colleagues there's always one
Who gets closer to you and calls you "My friend!"

I would continue the story, about working, about me, about them
But I need to take the brake, the fifth for today
And write an email that invariant ends with

                                      "Best regards, M"

One should notice how pathetic the theme of the "poem" is. I ask for your kind understanding as this is my only reality. I shall attack more abstract topics in the future.

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