luni, 26 octombrie 2009

My life is full of garbage

And I am not only metaphorically speaking. Now let's see what makes me say that. I go to the cafeteria, to the supermarket, to the store in the corner. What do I receive every time? Receeeepits, two of them every time (I pay with my card). On the street I am given flyers, every few steps(while in the center). In the postbox is full of papers: reminder for paying the bank, advertising for the back, the other bank, the phone bill, the methane bill, the other phone bill aaaand so far and so on, but no fucking letter. A letter that sounds like
"Dear Mihaela, I hope this line finds you well... "
No, nothing like this, only bullshit.
I make more garbage than I eat, than I listen, than I use the actual stuff. When one gets a pack of sweets, there's a bag, with small packages, pack each in it's own bag and with a cardboard.
Should there be said anything about the other kind of trash? trashy music? Trashy discussions on radio? thank God I have no TV.
And the water at the sink is nasty, my boots get dirty as soon as I get out the block's door.

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